Public Safety Steering Committee

The Public Safety Steering Committee works in collaboration with the CIPSRT Academic Directors and the CIPSRT Administrative team to provide guidance and advice on strategic directions.

The Membership of the Public Safety Steering Committee (PSSC) serves as conduit to reflect the interests and concerns of Public Safety Personnel (PSP) community via their Leadership. Through their membership on the PSSC, PSP organizations have a platform to share respective expertise and ensure that the activities and research undertaken by CIPSRT are pertinent and will have impact on resolving the issues and concerns raised by the PSP community.

The PSSC includes leadership representatives from each of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, the Canadian Association for Police Governance, the Canadian Police Association, the Correctional Service of Canada, the International Association of Firefighters, the Paramedic Association of Canada, the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Union of Safety and Justice Employees.

The full list of representatives will be available soon.


Casey Ward
Chris Hood
Gord Robertson
Greg Krätzig
Jason Godin
Jennifer Malloy
Kelly Nash
Ken McMullen
Mark Chatterbok
Nathalie Dufresne-Meek
Pierre Poirier
Randy Mellow
Richard Girard - Placeholder
Sandy Hamamoto - Placeholder
Scott Marks
Shirley Friesen - Placeholder
Stan Stapleton
Steve Schnitzer
Tina Saryeddine
Tom Stamatakis

Tom Stamatakis

Public Safety Steering Committee Member

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