Dr. Rose Ricciardelli

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Memorial University

Professional Designation(s): Senior Research Fellow, Research Branch of Correctional Services Canada; Associate Scientist, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences; Affiliate Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University of Toronto

CIPSRT Designation(s): CIPSRT Associate Director, Community and Institutional Corrections

Primary Public Safety Categories: Correctional Service of Canada, Provincial/Territorial Corrections, Union of Solicitor General Employee

Secondary Public Safety Categories: Dispatcher and Call Centre Operations, Municipal Police, RCMP

Area of Interest/Study: Community and Institutional Corrections, Vulnerabilities, Mental Health, Well being, Prisoners, Officers, Gender, Risk, Sex Crimes, Operational and Organizational Stress

Phone: 709-864-7446
Primary Email: rricciardell@mun.ca

Current Institution:
Memorial University
230 Elizabeth Ave.
St. John's, Canada A1C5S7

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli is an Associate Professor & the Coordinator of Criminology at Memorial University. Her research is centered on social health, corrections, and gender, including evolving understandings of gender, vulnerabilities, risk, and experiences and issues within different facets of the criminal justice system. Beyond her work on the realities of penal living and community re-entry for federally incarcerated men in Canada, her current work includes a focus on the experiences of correctional officers and police officers given the potential for compromised psychological, physical, and social health inherent to the occupations.