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ER2MR Learning & Development Opportunity

ER2MR Learning & Development Opportunity

Through its national network, the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) responds to the identified needs of PSP by producing or facilitating the evidence necessary for engaging strategies and allocating resources to support high quality and easily accessible mental health care for all Public Safety Personnel.  With a network of academic researchers from across Canada and the support of Canadian Public Safety Personnel leadership, CIPSRT is a hub for collaborations to address the health research requirements of Canadian Public Safety Personnel and their families.

The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program was created by the Department of National Defence (DND) to build awareness of mental illness and operational stress injuries (OSIs) through education. Their intent was to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and to increase understanding and support for these conditions. The goal of R2MR is to improve short term performance and long-term mental health outcomes in Public Safety Personnel (PSP), as well as provide key resiliency and mental toughness skills. The program further provides PSP with the skills needed to effectively optimize performance, monitor the health of themselves and their peers, and effectively respond to persons in crisis. Research has shown that R2MR provides a benefit to Public Safety Personnel (PSP) in terms of short-term psychological functioning, mitigating long-term mental health problems, resiliency training, and an increase in positive attitudes toward mental health and help seeking.

CIPSRT converted the R2MR face-to-face frontline learning materials into an online learning solution. We currently call this ER2MR. While we were successful in converting the materials to an online version, we have not yet been able to fully pilot this online version to learners. There is now an opportunity for interested PSP to assist with a second pilot of ER2MR that will be happening June 27-28 AND July 4-5, 2022.

This is a learning and development opportunity for Public Safety Personnel (PSP) who are interested in participating in the final pilot to test the face-to-face R2MR learning material that has been converted into online materials (ER2MR).  The course will be delivered via ZOOM as well as through an online learning platform.  Asynchronous learning will also be assigned for completion and practice to be done the week between the blended learning dates. Please note that this opportunity is currently only available in English. Space for this training program is limited, so don’t delay registration. There is no cost for this training.

The ER2MR Pilot is SOLD OUT but you can still join the Waiting List by clicking the registration link below.

Objectives of the pilot:

  • Test the design of the online content
  • Test the selected delivery schedule
  • Receive feedback on content from participants
  • Receive feedback on content from facilitators
  • Complete any content updates to prepare for a program roll out

 Learners should:

  • Be available for the entirety of scheduled time according to the agenda
  • Be prepared to complete any pre-reading, preparation, or assigned activities just prior to zoom meetings as well as during the week between the scheduled learning dates
  • Understand that this pilot project is testing the content and the schedule, so some R2MR content may not be delivered
  • Be open to providing honest and thoughtful feedback throughout the course and in the final course evaluation
  • Be aware there is no monetary compensation for learners participation
  • Be current Public Safety Personnel

“What’s In It for Me” for our selected learners:

  • R2MR learning and development
  • Engage in the development of this online program, meant to benefit all PSP
  • Cohort based learning, allowing for socialization of different sectors
  • Completion Letters from CIPSRT for all modules completed
  • Potential to move forward in the R2MR Train the Trainer course


Date: June 27-28 AND July 4-5, 2022

Time: 8:30am CST – 3:00pm CST (Regina, SK time)

Location: ZOOM & online platform

Facilitators: Kevin Farrell (R2MR Master Trainer) and Sheri Wild (R2MR Master Trainer)

Administrator: Rachel Werrett, CIPSRT


Registration Deadline: June 20, 2022

To register, click on the link below and complete the registration process. 

Learners will receive a confirmation once this is complete.  Once learners are registered, they will be contacted by CIPSRT one week prior to the course start date with additional instructions and information relevant to the course.

Please register using an email address that the leaner can access to receive information at all times.


For more information please contact:

Rachel Werrett
Manager, Training & Development

For more information on CIPSRT:
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