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January 25, 2022

Let’s Talk, Let’s Listen, Let’s Be There

CIPSRT is happy to join Bell Let’s Talk efforts to create positive change. We have developed a tool kit to help Public Safety Personnel (PSP) talk about mental health. Included are PSP-specific resources and video messages from our Champions of Mental Health. We all have a role to play in breaking the stigma around mental health.

Let’s Talk, Let’s Listen, Let’s Be There.




PSP Mental Health allows users to explore mental health options in numerous ways, including cost, language, type of service, privacy, and location.

The flexible search function allows PSP and their families to quickly access appropriate resources. Although the website does not feature service evaluation, the research team believes it is important to make all support programs and services geared towards PSP more accessible for those who need mental health assistance.

Visit the website

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The guide “Six Steps to Finding a Clinician,” was specifically designed to help PSP seek mental health treatment.

Designing The Guide with feedback from people with lived experience— helped to ensure that The Guide was easy to use and interactive so that PSP can quickly work through the steps.

To view or download the guide, click here.

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PTSD Crash Course

In this crash course Clinical Psychologist Dr. Megan McElheran will answer PTSD questions like:


  • What are the symptoms?
  • How do you get PTSD? Is it from one incident or can it happen after years working as a PSP?
  • Is PTSD always like you see on TV?
  • How do I recognize the symptoms in others?
  • What kind of treatments are available?

View Capsule Video (3 mins)

View Full Video (60 mins)

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Many Public Safety Personnel (PSP) feel alone when facing mental health challenges. Their concerns about stigma can prevent PSP from reaching out for support.

Co-workers can be a source of support since they understand the pressures and stressors of PSP work. However, many co-workers don’t know where to begin helping someone struggling with mental health issues. How to Support a Co-worker Experiencing Mental Health Issues was developed based on feedback from the CIPSRT Public Safety Steering Committee and suggestions from PSPNET clients who wanted to understand how to share their mental health journey and support others who may be facing similar challenges.

To view or download the guide, click here.

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PSPNET is offering and evaluating Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy, also known as ICBT, specifically tailored for current and former Public Safety Personnel (PSP), including border security agents, correctional workers, call centre operators/dispatchers, firefighters, paramedics, and police.


The therapist-guided PSP Wellbeing Course is designed to provide free education and guidance on simple but effective techniques for various mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety and/or posttraumatic injuries for PSP.


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