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June 14, 2021

New Guide aims to make finding mental health help easier for Public Safety Personnel.

A new guide developed by the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research & Treatment (CIPSRT) aims to make seeking mental health help easier for Public Safety Personnel (PSP). Public safety personnel, which includes border service agents, corrections officers, communications workers (911), firefighters, paramedics, and police, are exposed to more trauma than the average citizen.   The guide “Six Steps to Finding a Clinician,” was specifically designed to help PSP seek mental health treatment and is now available on the CIPSRT website.

Federal public safety leadership recognized that their members needed a tool to help PSP to overcome the common barriers to seeking mental health support and tasked CIPSRT with developing The Guide.  The Guide, designed by a committee of mental health clinicians, takes PSP through 6 basic steps:

“The tool is designed to be very straightforward and easy to use. We hope the tool will help PSP navigate the process of finding a clinician from start to finish,” said Nick Carleton, the Scientific Director at CIPSRT.

Designing The Guide with feedback from people with lived experience— helped to ensure that The Guide was easy to use and interactive so that PSP can quickly work through the steps.

“When people are suffering from mental health issues, it can be easy to overwhelm them with information,” said Jirayu Uttaranakorn, lead visual designer. “With the current format, we have tried to limit confusing language and visuals.”

This Guide is just one of many tools that CIPSRT has created for PSP.
To access the Guide, click here.
To download the infographic, click here.
To download the PDF of the Guide, click here.

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CIPSRT, an institute at the University of Regina, is funded by the Government of Canada. It is part of a research consortium with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research on the issue of posttraumatic stress injuries in PSP. CIPSRT’s mission is to improve the lifetime well-being of PSP.

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