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November 24, 2021

PSP Mental Health Website Goes Bilingual

Earlier this year, a team of researchers was funded through a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Post-traumatic Stress Injuries in Public Safety Personnel (PSP) Catalyst Grant to launch the PSP Mental Health website. With the support of the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT), the website has been improved to offer support in both English and French. This update ensures that the website is accessible to public safety personnel (PSP) and their families across Canada.

PSP Mental Health allows users to explore mental health options in numerous ways, including cost, language, type of service, privacy, and location. The flexible search function allows PSP and their families to quickly access appropriate resources. Although the website does not feature service evaluation, the research team believes it is important to make all support programs and services geared towards PSP more accessible for those who need mental health assistance.

“The work of PSP consists of unique demands and stressors that increase the risk of exposure to potentially psychologically traumatic events. To help address the impact of these events, there is a growing number of mental health support programs and services available to the public safety community. Finding mental health support, though, can be daunting; especially in the wake of covid-19. By updating PSP Mental Health, we hope to make it easier for Canadian PSP and their families to find the most appropriate mental health support,” says Dr. Jill Price, the project lead.

CIPSRT is excited to help expand the functionality of PSP Mental Health and looks forward to future opportunities to improve access to research, treatment, and training for PSP across the country.

To access the site, please visit or visit

For more information on the PSP Mental Health website please contact Dr. Jill Price at

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