An Integrated Approach to Mental Health in First Responders and Other Public Safety Personnel: A Five-Phase Plan – Strathcona County Emergency Services (2017)

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Strathcona County Disability Management explored service standards and programs to address an increase in lost hours and costs due to mental illness, including operational stress injuries, in an effort to apply best practices with regards to mental health. Resistance, resiliency and recovery are supported through Disability Management, prompt access to evidence-based care and a culturally competent provider, Peer Support, a Chaplaincy, and Employee and Family Assistance programming, as well as access to counselling services through extended health care benefits and third- party providers. Advancements made to date have prompted significant cultural change with respect to stigma reduction and increasing help-seeking behaviour. Further, costs associated with WCB-AB claims due to Occupational Stress Injury (OSI) were reduced to zero in 2015, in 2016, and in 2017 to date.

Strathcona County Emergency Services. (2017).  An integrated approach to mental health in first responders and other public safety personnel: A five-phase plan. Sherwood Park, AB: Strathcona County.

Critical Incident Reintegration Program – Edmonton Police (2017)

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A streamlined, peer-driven return-to-work program for police officers and other public safety personnel, featuring an interactive process of dealing with the stress of a critical incident. The program has two variants: short term and long term.

Edmonton Police Service. (2017). Critical incident reintegration program.  Edmonton, AB: Edmonton Police Service.