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Current Projects

CIHR Team Grants (2020-2024)

Delivering online cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) to address mental health challenges in correctional officers and other public safety personnel

A randomized control trial of a novel approach to cognitive training in public safety personnel with post-traumatic stress injuries

A longitudinal study of Correctional Services Canada correctional officers’ mental health and well-being: The role of prison work and prisons in shaping correctional staff health and self over time

Before operational stress: Evaluating novel psychosocial interventions for public safety personnel (PSP) and their families

Autonomic modulation training: A biological approach to building resilience and wellness capacity among police exposed to posttraumatic stress injuries (PTSI)

An augmented training program for preventing posttraumatic stress injuries among diverse public safety personnel

HomeBase: Enhancing mental wellness in public safety personnel families

Three Pillars of Resilience Program for Public Safety Personnel

CIHR Reseach and Coordination Hubs for Public Safety (2021-2024)

A theory and practice-informed approach to crisis intervention for Public Safety Personnel in Canada—Identifying knowledge gaps to inform action

“OnCall” Peer-to-Peer Support: Research and Coordination Hub

CIHR Catalyst Grants (2018-2021)

Standard vs. enhanced reconsolidation therapy for public safety personnel: A pilot study

Mental health support services for public safety personnel in Canada

Understanding the prevalence of mental health disorders in provincial correctional officers—A national study

A smartphone ecological momentary assessment ‘app’ for collecting real-time data on posttraumatic stress injuries in firefighters

Suicide among public safety personnel compared to the general population in Ontario: A case-control study

Do cognitive behavioural therapy skills classes increase a resiliency-related brain connectivity pattern to posttraumatic stress disorder?

Compromised conscience: Towards managing moral injuries in public safety personnel

Research 101 for public safety personnel: Course development and pilot testing

Unpacking the sociocultural characteristics of operational stress injuries among paramedics: A mixed-methods approach

Firefighters accessing care for trauma: A clinical case series testing the efficacy of distance-delivered narrative exposure therapy in reducing PTSD/I symptoms

Identifying the impact of formal and informal critical incident interventions on firefighters’ exposure to posttraumatic stress injury in a Northwestern Ontario fire service

The SKIP study: Sudarshan Kriya yoga in posttraumatic stress injury (SKIP), an RCT for public safety personnel

Development and validation of a mental health screening tool for public safety personnel

Evaluation of a training program to protect firefighters’ mental health from the effects of traumatic incidents

“Serving and Surviving: Roads to resilience in policing”

Psychological first aid for emergency medical technicians: Can it work?

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