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Current Projects

CIHR Catalyst Grants (2018-2021)

Keywords: mental health training, Training

An analysis of the Correctional Service Canada correctional personnel training program

Keywords: Mental Health, PTSD, Treatment

Standard vs. enhanced reconsolidation therapy for public safety personnel: A pilot study

Keywords: Mental Health, Mental Health Support, Treatment

Mental health support services for public safety personnel in Canada

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Mental Health Disorders, Mental Health Support, mental health training, PTSD, Treatment

Pan Canadian Public Safety Personnel: Ongoing Knowledge Translation and Strategic Development

Keywords: Mental Health Disorders, PTSD

Mental ill-health in firefighters deployed to the Fort McMurray Fire

Keywords: PTSI, Social Support, Traumatic events

Understanding the prevalence of mental health disorders in provincial correctional officers—A national study

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Trauma

A smartphone ecological momentary assessment ‘app’ for collecting real-time data on posttraumatic stress injuries in firefighters

Keywords: Mental Health, Suicide

Suicide among public safety personnel compared to the general population in Ontario: A case-control study

Keywords: CBT, PTSD

Do cognitive behavioural therapy skills classes increase a resiliency-related brain connectivity pattern to posttraumatic stress disorder?

Keywords: Moral Injury, Training

Compromised conscience: Towards managing moral injuries in public safety personnel

Keywords: Training

Research 101 for public safety personnel: Course development and pilot testing

Keywords: Mental Health, Traumatic events

Unpacking the sociocultural characteristics of operational stress injuries among paramedics: A mixed-methods approach

Keywords: PTSD, Training

A randomized control trial examining the treatment efficacy of a novel approach to cognitive remediation in public safety personnel with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and co-morbid conditions

Keywords: Mental Health, PTSI, Stigma

“E-Ami” Co-designing a mobile health approach to PTSI prevention and peer support with Ontario public safety personnel

Keywords: Mental Health, PTSI, Treatment

Firefighters accessing care for trauma: A clinical case series testing the efficacy of distance-delivered narrative exposure therapy in reducing PTSD/I symptoms

Keywords: Mental Health, Training, Trauma

Understanding the impact of prison work on the mental health of Correctional Officers employed by Correctional Services Canada: Beginning of a longitudinal study

Keywords: Critical Incident, PTSI

Identifying the impact of formal and informal critical incident interventions on firefighters’ exposure to posttraumatic stress injury in a Northwestern Ontario fire service

Keywords: PTSD, PTSI, Trauma

The SKIP study: Sudarshan Kriya yoga in posttraumatic stress injury (SKIP), an RCT for public safety personnel

Keywords: Mental Health, PTSI, screening tools

Development and validation of a mental health screening tool for public safety personnel

Keywords: Mental Health, Training, Traumatic events

Evaluation of a training program to protect firefighters’ mental health from the effects of traumatic incidents

Keywords: Mental Health Support, PTSI, Resiliency

“Serving and Surviving: Roads to resilience in policing”

Keywords: PTSI, Training, Traumatic events

Psychological first aid for emergency medical technicians: Can it work?

CIHR Team Grants (2020-2024)

Keywords: ICBT, mental health issues, online mental healthcare, Suicide

Delivering online cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) to address mental health challenges in correctional officers and other public safety personnel

Keywords: cognitive performance, Goal Management Therapy, PTSI

A randomized control trial of a novel approach to cognitive training in public safety personnel with post-traumatic stress injuries

Keywords: Mental Health Disorders, Well-being

A longitudinal study of Correctional Services Canada correctional officers’ mental health and well-being: The role of prison work and prisons in shaping correctional staff health and self over time

Keywords: BOS program, Families, Operational Stress, Public Safety Personnel

Before operational stress: Evaluating novel psychosocial interventions for public safety personnel (PSP) and their families

Keywords: Automatic Modulation Training, biofeedback, PTSI

Autonomic modulation training: A biological approach to building resilience and wellness capacity among police exposed to posttraumatic stress injuries (PTSI)

Keywords: mental health training, PTSI

An augmented training program for preventing posttraumatic stress injuries among diverse public safety personnel

Keywords: Families, PTSI

Focusing on the family: Enhancing mental wellness in public safety personnel families

Keywords: mental health training, Occupational Stress, Resiliency

Building resilience through integrated knowledge transfer in police organizations: A case study series

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