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A theory and practice-informed approach to crisis intervention for Public Safety Personnel in Canada—Identifying knowledge gaps to inform action

Keywords: Suicide, Support


Awareness of Public Safety Personnel (PSP) mental health concerns has increased in recent years as research has expanded our understanding of the stress related to PSP occupations, and the stigma many PSP face when seeking help. One area identified as critical by PSP leadership is suicide prevention, especially services that can provide support during a crisis or time of distress.

A national crisis line for suicide prevention has been created: the Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS). However, researchers don’t know if PSP seek the support of CSPS or other crisis lines, and it is also not known if those who may seek support find it helpful.

This project will:

  • Engage with PSP organizations and individuals from all PSP sectors across Canada to understand what they need and want in a crisis line. Researchers will engage PSP through town hall-style meetings, interviews, and a national survey.
  • Review calls to the CSPS to hear what PSP needed and how crisis line responders supported them.
  • Work with PSP to create solutions that make it more likely that PSP will reach out for support.

This project will also be a hub for other researchers to investigate future questions in this priority area of research.

Principal Researchers

Dr. Allison Crawford, Associate Chief of virtual mental health and outreach at CAMH

Dr. Chantalle L. Clarkin, Project Scientist at CAMH in virtual mental health

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