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A theory and practice-informed approach to crisis intervention for Public Safety Personnel in Canada—Identifying knowledge gaps to inform action

Keywords: Suicide, Support

If you are, or have ever been, a first responder, you are invited to take our survey.

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First responders and public safety personnel in Canada experience higher rates of mental health symptoms and suicidal behaviours and have been identified as a priority group for suicide prevention efforts. Crisis lines are a key component of Canada’s suicide prevention framework as they can be effective in stabilizing mood, connecting users to crisis resources, encouraging use of mental health services, and preventing self-harm. However, we do not know whether first responders are accessing crisis lines and if not, why that is. We also do not know if those that do reach out for support find the services to be appropriate, effective, equitable and safe.

Throughout this project we will engage with first responder organizations and individuals across Canada to understand what they need and want in a crisis line. Researchers will engage first responders through a co-researcher group, town hall-style meetings, and interviews.

We have also launched a national survey to better understand first responder crisis line needs, challenges, and preferences. Our goal is to identify the major barriers to first responders accessing or using crisis lines so we can make evidence-based recommendations to improve services.

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If you are, or have ever been, a first responder, you are invited to take our survey.

If you would like more information about this project, please visit us at or get in touch with our research staff:

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Principal researchers

Dr. Allison Crawford and Dr. Chantalle Clarkin, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


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