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ARC Network

ARC Network

Academic, Researcher, and Clinician Network

The Academic, Researcher, and Clinician Network (ARC Network) is one of the key CIPSRT Knowledge Exchange Hub activities.

ARC Network is a network of Academics, Researchers, and Clinicians who have expertise in public safety personnel (PSP) and Posttraumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), or who have knowledge of organizations and families through which interactions and expressions of PTSI are encountered.

ARC Network members will act in their own capacities to actively support the vision, mission, values, and goals of CIPSRT in improving PSP mental health.


Goals of the Academic, Researcher, and Clinician Network (ARC Network) are:

  • to encourage and enable coordination among academics, researchers, and clinicians, by maintaining a pan-Canadian network;
  • to provide a national mechanism which coordinates academics, researchers, clinicians, other subject matter experts, and PSP, as well as to facilitate engagement between consortium researchers and PSP stakeholders; and
  • to exchange and disseminate new knowledge generated by researchers in support of PSP, their leaders, and their families.


ARC Network Members-Only Benefits include:

  • increased access to PSP and PSP Leadership;
  • access to ARC Network members-only networking events;
  • the ability to register member research through the CIPSRT Research Engagement Form, which enables regional, national, and international audiences of PSP leaders, PSP members, policy makers, academics, researchers, and clinicians to learn about this research;
  • the ability to share peer-reviewed publications with regional, national, and international audiences through placement on the CIPSRT website and other social media;
  • access to knowledge translation support through the submission of peer-reviewed publications for placement on the CIPSRT website and other social media; and the opportunity to present member research through national knowledge translation events.

“ARC Network members are able to connect with individuals across disciplines whose work engages with PSP and supports the development and implementation of impactful PSP focused research. ARC Network members can also connect with PSP leadership and membership across Canada, providing opportunities for knowledge translation and service. In addition, ARC Network members are eligible to serve with the ARCNAC and therein help to inform next steps for PSP-related research, treatment, training, practice, and policies, all of which are exciting and rewarding experiences”, says Dr. R. Nicholas Carleton, Scientific Director for CIPSRT. “The value to researchers, academics, and clinicians in making these connections and in working with PSP, cannot be overstated.”

ARC Network members can develop and increase their networks, be linked with the foremost PSP researchers and stakeholders, have access to PSP knowledge mobilization leaders, and can participate in the PSP knowledge mobilization efforts by:

  • participating in a network of practice for PSP knowledge mobilization;
  • enhancing the knowledge mobilization and research impact needs of faculty and students;
  • participating in collaborative research opportunities from regional, national, and international organizations;
  • maximizing the impact of research and scholarship on regional, national, and international communities; and
  • becoming a member of CIPSRT Committees and sub-committees, which include:
    • The Academic, Researcher, and Clinician Network Advisory Council (ARCNAC) and the ARCNAC sub-committees. These committees represent the ARC Network and serve in advisory capacities to CIPSRT and the Public Safety Steering Committee. They actively encourage the development of networks and opportunities to support evidence-based PSP research, treatment, and training. ARC Network members are eligible for election to the ARCNAC and for appointments to the ARCNAC sub-committees.

To apply for ARC Network membership, please click on the appropriate form below:

Academics and Researchers


Please send the application and all necessary documentation as indicated on the form to:

Academic, Researcher, and Clinician Network

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