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Engage in Research

The Research Engagement Form (REF) form allows researchers to share their work with the Public Safety Personnel community on a national level

Public safety personnel Help shape research!  

First responders and other public safety personnel (PSP) across Canada can make an impact on emerging research by participating in ongoing studies. CIPSRT has made it easier for PSP to identify which studies they might like to get involved with. 

Information is collected from researchers on PSP-related research activities across Canada using the Research Engagement Form (REF) for academics, clinicians, and others undertaking scholarly research. CIPSRT evaluates the studies to ensure they are appropriately rigorous and evidence-informed. Eligible studies are then made available to interested and impacted parties on the CIPSRT website. The standardized information can be accessed by PSP and PSP Leadership to assist them in identifying current, relevant and worthwhile research projects for their participation, or might projects they expect will produce results of interest. The information may also help them to be increasingly proactive with their research planning and engagement. 

There are several ways that PSP can help shape research, including: 

  • Becoming a knowledge user: Knowledge users help generate research questions, engage in research methodologies, and evaluate research results.  
  • Becoming a research participant: Research participants play one of the most important roles in the research process by contributing to evidence-based results. 

See below for CIPSRT-reviewed research, and information on how to get involved! 

Researchers – Share your research!

Researchers seeking participation from PSP are encouraged to complete the Research Engagement Form (REF) below. The REF allows researchers to share their work with the first responders and other PSP  communities on a national level. 

REFs may only be submitted by members of CIPSRT’s Academic, Researcher, and Clinician Network (ARC Network).  Please note, the entire research team must be ARC Network members. If you or your team are not yet ARC Network members, please apply and join our national community in supporting PSP. The REF also facilitates CIPSRT decision-making about which studies will be shared across the entire ARC Network or to a specific subset of the Network. 

Interested? Fill out the Research Engagement Form! Please ensure to provide all of the required REF information to ensure timely processing of your form.

CIPSRT-Reviewed Research (via the REF)

All of the studies below have been reviewed by CIPSRT based on information submitted by researchers using the REF. Click on each study for information about the research and how to get involved!   

1. Exploring the Association Between Exercise Activity and Mental Health Among Canadian Paramedics 

2. Expansion and Evaluation of the Before Operational Stress Program 

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