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The Research Engagement Form (REF) form allows researchers to share their work with the Public Safety Personnel community on a national level

The Research Engagement Form collects information on Public Safety Personnel related research activities across Canada. The standardized information can be accessed by Public Safety Personnel (PSP) and PSP Leadership to assist them in determining which research projects to participate in.

CIPSRT reviews and validates the studies that are submitted and makes them available to stakeholders and the public. The REF also facilitates CIPSRT decision-making with respect to which studies will be shared across the entire network or to a specific subset of the network.

Only ARC Network members may submit a Research Engagement Form document

  • The entire research team must be ARC Network members

If you or your team are not yet members, please click here to apply and join our national community in supporting PSP

Please ensure you provide all the required information, or the processing of your request may be delayed.

 Click here for the Research Engagement Form

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