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Meghan McConnell


Meghan McConnell

Member of:

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Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8295


Province: Ontario

Affiliation: Department of Innovation in Medical Education

Institution: University of Ottawa

Languages: English (fluent spoken), English (fluent written)

Dr. Meghan McConnell is a medical education researcher who has gained national and international recognition for her expertise in pedagogical research and assessment and evaluation research. Recently, she has been investigating the role of test enhanced learning: with many medical schools and residency training programs around the world now emphasizing assessment for learning rather than the traditional end of unit high stakes exams, her work in this area is extremely timely. Dr. McConnell also studies the role of emotion and moods in the training, assessment and performance of healthcare professional. Dr. McConnell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Innovation in Medical Education.


Current Projects:

  • Unpacking the sociocultural characteristics of operational stress injuries among paramedics: A mixed-methods approach

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