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Delivering online cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) to address mental health challenges in correctional officers and other public safety personnel

Keywords: ICBT, mental health issues, online mental healthcare, Suicide


Public safety personnel (PSP) are regularly exposed to potentially traumatic events during their work. Studies have shown that PSP have a higher risk of developing mental health issues and higher levels of suicide as well as suicidal thoughts and attempts. However, help-seeking in PSP populations is low due to the stigma attached to mental health disorders. Those that choose to seek help also face barriers like irregular shift hours that limit access to resources.

This study examines the value of using online mental health care to address mental health issues among correctional workers. The content will be delivered through interactive and engaging therapy modules, designed specifically for corrections workers, so the therapy is more relatable.

Future directions

The knowledge gained through this project will help support the use of iCBT for mental health issues in other PSP groups.


Principal Researchers

Nazanin Alavi, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Queen’s University; Dr. Alexander Simpson, Chief of Forensic Psychiatry at The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health Toronto.

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