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Building resilience through integrated knowledge transfer in police organizations: A case study series

Keywords: mental health training, Occupational Stress, Resiliency


Resilience is an individual’s ability to cope effectively with extreme stress and persevere through adversity. This concept is especially important for police officers who are regularly exposed to potentially traumatic events (PTE). This study will view resilience as a complex system made up of personal, family, and work factors that can effect resilience.

In the current study, the team will work with police agencies to develop and deliver training, examine organizational policy and procedure, and implement the Canadian Psychological Standards to build resilience.

Individual information from officers will be gathered and grouped by police agency. The agencies will then be compared to determine enabling factors for a psychologically safe workplace. These factors can be used to develop a model of organizational culture that will support mental health and reduce occupational stress.

Future Directions

All resources and processes developed will be shared with other public safety organizations to help them improve their employees’ mental health and well-being.

Principal Researchers

Greg Anderson, Dean of Science at Thompson Rivers University.

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