In its 2018 budget, the Government of Canada identified the treatment of post-traumatic stress injuries (PTSI) and other mental health related concerns as a priority for the country’s public safety personnel (PSP). As a result, a new national research consortium between the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment (CIPSRT) was formed. CIPSRT, under the scientific direction of multi-disciplinary researchers from across Canada, serves as the Knowledge Exchange Hub for the CIHR-CIPSRT National Research Consortium for Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries among Public Safety Personnel. Public Safety Canada (PSC) has provided $5 million to support CIPSRT’s role as a Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Consortium with a focus on PTSI in PSP.

The National Research Consortium will build the evidence base related to post-traumatic stress injuries among PSP and disseminate this research evidence to public safety stakeholders, knowledge users, and policy makers. As part of the National Research Consortium, CIPSRT will serve as the hub for knowledge synthesis, knowledge translation, and knowledge exchange.

CIPSRT as the Knowledge Exchange Hub will act as the focal point for enabling coordination among National Research Consortium researchers and nurturing the ongoing engagement of the Public Safety community through a range of knowledge transfer activities.

CIPSRT will work with CIHR to bridge the recognized gap between researchers and knowledge users by facilitating, assisting, and evaluating knowledge management between researchers and PSP end users, through a multitude of events to bring stakeholders together.