Dr. R. Nicholas Carleton, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, University of Regina

Professional Designation(s): Professor of Psychology

CIPSRT Designation(s): Scientific Director

Area of Interest/Study: biopsychosocial measurement, assessment, and treatments of trauma, anxiety, and somatic disorders, focusing on transdiagnostics, fundamental cognitions (i.e., lower-order factors such as intolerance of uncertainty), and shared emergent properties (i.e., higher-order factors such as extraversion)

Phone: 306-337-2473
Primary Email: Nick.Carleton@uregina.ca

Current Institution:
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Pkwy
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4S0A2

Website: https://www.uregina.ca/arts/psychology/faculty-staff/faculty/carleton-nicholas.html

Dr. Carleton also enjoys teaching and supervision of undergraduate and graduate students, continues to work closely with the AIBL and Dr. Gordon Asmundson, and maintains a small private practice for military, first responders, and other public safety personnel who have anxiety and related disorders, particularly pain and post-traumatic stress.