Date : May 14th, 2020 10:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM CST, 12:00 PM CDT, 13:00 PM EST, 14:00 PM AST, 14:30 NST

Presented by:

Dr. Kristi Wright

Associate Professor, University of Regina

Being a child of a first responder can incite great emotion, both positive and negative. In the face of the current pandemic, we live in an environment where being a child of a first responder may be even more challenging. As such, it is important for children to be provided education and information that can help them understand the feelings and thoughts they are having. In this short webinar children will learn, in an interactive manner, about feelings, body sensations, thoughts, and behaviours. We will discuss how feelings, body sensations, thoughts, and behaviours are connected. Children will also be provided strategies that can be employed when they are struggling with their current situation. We will end with an opportunity to ask questions.

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