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Glossary of Terms


For Experts

  • The physical, mental, social, and some say spiritual, functioning of a person, which can range from poor to good (Huber, 2010; Huber, Knottnerus, Green, van der Horst, Jadad, Kromhout … & Smid, 2011; Thompson, MacLean, Roach, Banman, Mabior & Pedlar 2016; Thompson, Heber, VanTil, Simkus, Carrese, Sareen & Pedlar, 2019). 
  • Health can be described subjectively such as a person’s own description of their health, psychological well-being, or health-related quality of life.
  • Health also can be described objectively, such as observations by a family member or health professional.

For General Public

  • Refers to how a person is physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually functioning. 
  • Can be described as how the person views their own health or as how others view a person’s health. 

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