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Glossary of Terms

Interpersonal Violence

For Experts

  • One or more behaviours wherein an individual causes physical trauma or psychological trauma to another individual, including but not limited to, child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, elder abuse, assault by strangers, as well as violence related to property crimes, in workplaces, and other institutions.
  • Potentially traumatic events that involve interpersonal violence may cause more severe or complex mental health conditions (including mental disorders) due to interpersonal betrayal and attachment disruption. Other potentially psychologically traumatic stressors or events (e.g., natural disasters, structure fires) can also lead to similar severity and complexity of mental health conditions. However, the personal and relational nature of interpersonal violence often leads to more complex mental health conditions.

For General Public

  • Harmful physical and psychological behaviour towards another person.
  • A type of potentially psychologically traumatic event or stressor.
  • Can contribute to mental health conditions in either the person causing the harm or the person who was harmed.
  • Examples of interpersonal violence include intimate partner violence, elder abuse, and workplace violence.

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