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An analysis of the Correctional Service Canada correctional personnel training program

Keywords: Mental Health Training, Training

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli, Department of Sociology, Memorial University


Title of Research

An analysis of the Correctional Service Canada correctional personnel training program


Research shows that corrections officers (COs) are more likely to develop A mental health disorder than other public safety personnel. Correctional Services Canada offers a 13-week training program to prepare recruits for the complex task of being a CO. However, no research has looked at this program to determine if the training meets the health needs of the COs.

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli’s team will evaluate the program and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness and impact of the training. Members of the team will complete the training program, a first for researchers. As part of their participation, they will be looking at three components: 1) What messages do the trainers aim to deliver, 2) How trainees interpret the intended program messages, and 3) What messages recent program graduates receive once they are on the job and how these compare to the program messages. Once the course is completed, the researchers and trainers will come together to discuss if the training is working, to identify gaps or missing elements, and to suggest changes that can be made to optimize future training.

Research Team

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli is a professor of sociology, coordinator for criminology, and co-coordinator for police studies at Memorial University. Dr. Ricciardelli is also a senior research fellow for the research branch of Correctional Services Canada.

Dr. Ronald Camp II is an associate professor for organizational behaviour at the University of Regina. Dr. Camp is also the Director of training at the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research & Treatment (CIPSRT).

Dr. R. Nicholas Carleton is a professor of psychology at the University of Regina. Dr. Carleton is also the Scientific Director of CIPSRT.

Dr. Stephan Czarnuch is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Memorial University.

Dr. Dianne Groll is an associate professor in the department of psychiatry, Queens University.


Final Results

Final Knowledge Translation report

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