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Pan Canadian Public Safety Personnel: Ongoing Knowledge Translation and Strategic Development

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Mental Health Disorders, Mental Health Support, mental health training, PTSD, Treatment

Dr. R. Nicholas Carleton, Professor of Psychology at the University of Regina and Scientific Director of CIPSRT

Title of Research

Pan Canadian Public Safety Personnel: Ongoing Knowledge Translation and Strategic Development


This project used data gathered from public safety personnel (PSP).  The team worked collaboratively with investigators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students to identify key research questions about the PSP population (e.g. suicide rates, mental illness rates). Although the project was designed to produce and write open-access research publications, it was soon discovered that the initial questions needed to be further developed to research all of the important factors that appeared amongst PSP.  In addition to the original research produced from this data set (research summaries from the published works can be found here, this grant has produced five open-access articles, three publications (currently in press) and another seven papers under peer-review.

The combined publications have shown that cognitive risk factors, previous military history, organizational factors and personal circumstances are significantly related to mental health in PSP. This data also suggests that a number of the factors observed (cognitive risk factors, stigma, social environments, organizational factors, etc.) are modifiable, indicating potential areas for prevention and intervention. Going forth, this information will provide an evidence base for researching and formulating new tools to be used in the preventions and intervention of mental health issues amongst PSP.

All of these publications have also allowed a new generation of researchers to gain experience in the analysis of data and the publication process to ensure that the network of researchers exploring this issue continues to expand.


When to expect results

Five studies are already available with further studies likely to be released in 2020. A summary of the themes found in the research will be presented at the end-of-grant workshop.


Research team (includes all authors for the publications)

R. Nicholas Carleton, University of Regina; Tracie Afifi, University of Manitoba; Greg Anderson, Justice Institute of British Columbia; Heidi Cramm, Queen’s University; Dianne Groll, Queen’s University; Rosemary Ricciardelli, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Stephanie Korol, Unviersity of Regina; Kelsey Vig, University of Regina; Tamara Taillieu, University of Manitoba; Meghan Mitchell, University of Central Florida; Anees Bahji, Queen’s University; Nigel Barnim, Queen’s University; Stephen Czaruch, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Julia Mason, University of Regina; Gordon Asmundson, University of Regina; Paula DiNota, University of Toronto Mississauga; Sarah Turner, University of Manitoba; Don McCreary, DRM Scientific Consulting; Rachel Krakauer, University of Regina; Elizabeth Donnelly, University of Windsor; Adam Vaughan, Texas State University; Ronald Camp, University of Regina; Renee MacPhee, Wilfrid Laurier University; Curt Griffiths, Simon Fraser University; Jordana Sommer, University of Manitoba; Renee El-Gabalawy, University of Manitoba; Taylor Mooney, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Final Results

Final Knowledge Translation report

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