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“Serving and Surviving: Roads to resilience in policing”

Keywords: Mental Health Support, Resiliency

From left to right: Laura Coakley, Research Assistant; Eliana Suarez, Principal Investigator; Eleanor McGrath, Research Associate

Title of Research

“Serving and Surviving: Roads to resilience in policing”


Research among Public Safety Personnel (PSP) often focuses on mental health difficulties or what is called posttraumatic stress injuries (PTSI). There has been limited research focused on the coping strategies of the personnel that do not develop PTSI. A similar gap in research exists when investigating how PSP prefer to access mental health information and services. The focus of this study is to determine how PSP develop resilience and how they prefer to use and access mental health resources. An interdisciplinary team, led by Dr. Eliana Suarez (Faculty of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University), is bringing their expertise to examining these issues in the police services of Ontario. They have partnered with an advisory committee of current and former police members from large metropolitan areas, small cities, and rural areas. The goal is to put the insights of the members upfront so that their experience can benefit all members across Ontario and Canada.

When to expect results

The research group is expecting to send out preliminary findings from their online survey by March 2020.

Research Team

Eliana Suarez, Frank Arocha (Public Health, University of Waterloo), Ginette Lafreniere (Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University), Frank Sirotich (Research Director CMHA Toronto), Eleanor McGrath (MSW)


Final Results

Final Knowledge Translation report

Final Thoughts on the Project


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