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August 23, 2020

What the SARS Outbreak Taught us about the Psychological Needs of Healthcare Workers

Date: June 18, 2020 10:00 AM PST/ 11:00 AM CST/ 12:00 PM CDT/ 1:00 PM EST/ 2:00 PM AST/ 2:30 PM NST


Dr. Ken Balderson MD,CM FRCP(C)


This Town Hall will provide a brief review of the psychological impacts on healthcare workers involved in patient care during the SARS outbreak and of the social and occupational factors associated with psychological outcomes.  The lessons learned from the SARS outbreak may help mitigate psychological impacts of workers dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr. Ken Balderson MD,CM FRCP(C) is a Consultant Psychiatrist with the St. Joseph’s Operational Stress Injury Clinic and is Adjunct Professor at Western University. During the SARS outbreak he was the Medical Director of the Inpatient Mental Health Program at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and was a Coauthor for the Impact of SARS Study.


Download Poster: June 18 Town Hall


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