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July 17, 2022

CIPSRT releases new guide with tips for PSP wanting to support mental health in their organizations

In 2021, CIPSRT recognized 20 outstanding Public Safety Personnel (PSP) working to support the mental health of their co-workers and organizations as Champions of Mental Health. Reflecting on the incredible work of our Champions, CIPSRT asked, “What do our recognized champions think it takes to become a champion of mental health?” The guide, “How to become a Champion for Mental Health”, draws on our inaugural Champions’ years of experience.

The guide outlines key characteristics for a Champion of Mental Health, like, “being a good listener” or “a willingness to share personal experiences”. The guide also provides insight into:
• the steps needed to become a Champion;
• how to get your organization to buy into better mental health; and,
• the challenges to being a Champion in your workplace.

The CIPSRT guide, “How to become a Champion for Mental Health”, continues supporting and expanding the excellent work of dedicated people in PSP organizations across Canada. Champions provide formal peer support, organizational training, or reintegration programs. Champions also work informally, supporting individual co-workers or directing people to mental health resources. The work of all Champions helps to reduce the stigma of mental health and increase required help-seeking in PSP organizations.
“We hope that providing this guide, written with input from our Champions, other PSP will be inspired to become Champions in their organizations,” said Emilie Kossick, CIPSRT’s Knowledge Manager. “The CIPSRT guide is a way for us to share the insights of our Champions with all Canadian PSP.”
Are you interested in becoming a Champion? Do you want to encourage someone else to become a champion? Do you want to nominate someone in your organization? Access the, “How to become a Champion for Mental Health” guide in English or French, or visit the CIPSRT website to view this guide and others on our materials for your page.
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As part of the National Research Consortium, CIPSRT serves as the Knowledge Exchange Hub for knowledge synthesis, translation, and exchange that relies upon the best contemporary research evidence supporting an overall mission to help current and former public safety personnel, their leaders, and their families to maintain and improve their mental health and well-being. For more on CIPSRT, please see
For more information about this guide or the Champions of Mental Health program you can contact:

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