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R2MR Train the Trainer Program – Level 2 Training

The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program was created by the Department of National Defence (DND) to build awareness of mental illness and operational stress injuries (OSIs) through education. Their intent was to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and increase understanding and support for these conditions. The goal of R2MR is to improve short-term performance and long-term mental health outcomes in public safety personnel (PSP), as well as provide key resiliency and mental toughness skills.  

Public safety personnel are often exposed to adverse situations and face increased psychological risk due to the nature of their occupational demands. As a result, an increasing number of reports have been released which recommend that PSP receive specialized training in these areas. This training aims to assist public safety personnel in optimizing performance and protecting their own mental health, along with ensuring that they are using the best possible approaches for managing those in distress or crisis. 

Research has shown that R2MR benefits public safety personnel (PSP) in terms of short-term psychological functioning, mitigating long-term mental health problems, resiliency training, and increasing positive attitudes toward mental health and help-seeking. In addition to obtaining these skills and tools, learners will become certified to facilitate the program and its contents to front-line personnel. 

The Train the Trainer program allows for the successfully selected learners to become certified Level 2 R2MR Trainers.  Once the certification is complete, Level 2 R2MR Trainers will then be eligible to offer the Level 1 R2MR face to face front-line training to other PSP in their geographical region.   

For more information or questions regarding the R2MR training program, please email 

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Who is eligible for this training? 

The R2MR Train the Trainer Program was developed for public safety personnel or others who meet the following requirements… 

  • 5 years of experience within a public safety service or a related field  
  • Able to commit to the entirety of the scheduled training program 
  • Experience dealing with mental health 
  • Experience instructing/facilitating  
  • Comfortable delivering training material pertaining to mental health issues 
  • Support from supervisor and HR to facilitate two or more training events per year 
  • Able to accommodate a flexible work schedule for training facilitation  
  • Has the personal characteristics of an exemplar who can model the R2MR content with an optimistic and respectful outlook of themselves, their family, their peers, and their service  
  • R2MR front-line Level 1 training strongly recommended 

Public safety personnel refers to personnel who ensure the safety and security of Canadians. This includes but is not limited to… 

  • border services officers 
  • public safety communicators 
  • correctional workers 
  • firefighters (career and volunteer) 
  • Indigenous emergency managers 
  • operational intelligence personnel 
  • paramedics 
  • police (municipal, provincial, federal) 
  • search and rescue personnel 

Outcome / Benefits 

  • Certified Level 2 R2MR Trainer 
  • Authorized to facilitate the face-to-face R2MR (Level 1) program to front-line personnel 
  • Increased awareness of mental health and mental health conditions 
  • Ability to identify and challenge stigma and barriers to care which prevent access to mental health resources 
  • Enhanced mental toughness and resiliency 
  • Mental resiliency skills and coaching for mental resiliency skills 
  • Goal setting and coaching goal setting actions 
  • Visualization and coaching visualization actions 
  • Self-talk and coaching self-talk actions 
  • Tactical breathing and coaching tactical breathing  
  • Activation control and coaching activation control actions 
  • Attention control and coaching attention control actions  


Learners interested in the Train the Trainer Level 2 Training program will be required to complete an Application Form. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee successful enrollment into the R2MR Train the Trainer Program. CIPSRT will evaluate all applications to confirm eligibility and ensure balance in terms of sector representation.

R2MR Train the Trainer Level 2 Application Form 

Please note that we do not currently have any sessions available. You may use this form to express interest and provide information for any sessions scheduled in the future. You will not be able to save and continue in the form, nor will you be able to make edits once submitted. In the event that more sessions become available, you may be asked to fill out a full application form to be considered for the training. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this form, please contact

Training and Registration DetailsExpress Interest!

Training session information will be updated as it becomes available. Check this page often for updates on session details or additional sessions.  If you wish to provide your information to express interest in this training, you may fill out the Expression of Interest Form.


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